Orange Citrus Pollicino

Variety with blond pulp

Orange Navel, Orange Valencia, Orange Ovale, Nova

Variety with blond pulp, ripens from October to December, but the fruit resists even longer on the plant, increasing its sugar content and therefore its sweetness. The peel is medium / fine-grained with a color, depending on the ripeness, from pale yellow to intense orange.
We produce, pack and market:
- Orange Navel
- Orange Valencia
- Orange Ovale

- Nova

Arance Pollicino

Orange Citrus Navel

The oranges of Sicily Navel, Navelina or Novellino varieties are blond pulp oranges. The term "Navel" generically indicates a variety that has a twin fruit inside the skin, undeveloped and located at the apical pole, opposite to the petiole. Ripens in early November.
We remind you that all our citrus fruits are not treated with any type of chemical product. The peel is totally edible!

Arance Pollicino

Orange Citrus Valencia

The main feature of this variety of Sicilian oranges is represented primarily by the very late ripening phase. In fact, it generally begins towards the end of April and the harvest also continues until the end of June, in the first days of Summer: a truly unusual feature if we consider that generally the orange is considered a predominantly autumn or winter fruit, or spring maximum in normally late cultivars. The Sicilian oranges of the Valencia cultivar are of medium size, mainly spherical but slightly irregular in shape.

Arance Pollicino

Orange Citrus Ovale

The pulp of the Oval orange is blonde or light orange and has an overall sweet and pleasant flavor (the sugar content is high but also the level of acidity), while the presence of seeds is quite low. Being a variety of Sicilian orange with a double aptitude, the Oval can be eaten indifferently at the table or even in the form of juice since the juice content is quite high.

Arance Pollicino

Orange Citrus Nova

The Nova is a cross between the Tangelo Orlando and the common Clementine: of medium-large size, its fruits are seedless, have an intense orange external color. ... The soft and fertile soil of Etna and its mild climate make the Sicilian Clementines of a superior quality. Product subject to weight loss.


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