The Production

The quality of products is guaranteed by a system of traceability and traceability chain that certifies the adhesion of the production processes to sanitation standards.
The quality of the oranges is searched starting from the selection of specific areas and land at which these are collected. Before moving on to the collection, each plant is examined to evaluate the conformity of products to certain parameters, such as: sugar, juiciness, acidity, maturation and physical structure.
After then, this first evaluation, we go to the collection of products that met the predetermined criteria. The harvesting is done manually by the use of baskets that allow you to safeguard the integrity of the fruit. The quality control is carried out through a scrupulous selection of the products also with respect to their aesthetic characteristics.
Once harvested, the fruits pass to the processing stage through the use of specialized machinery and highly qualified personnel.
All products are processed within 24 hours of harvesting, to ensure that they reach consumers' tables fresh. At this stage it starts the nth selection of products before packaging. The selection is made on the basis of the integrity and internal and aesthetic quality of the processed fruit. All this takes place in full compliance with the hygienic-sanitary regulations and in the complete protection of the products in order not to alter their characteristics
We also take care of the quality of product packaging. Using the best packaging suppliers and everything related to packaging, we only use materials that respect our products and are able to keep them intact even during transport. The packaging is carried out by highly specialized staff for more than thirty years working in this sector of our company.



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